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A smarter hospital with GCS Hospital Management App

This is also known as SMART HOSPITAL, which is design to give you a total control of the health facility. Have you found yourself wondering about what is going on at any point in your facility? As a doctor do you remember the last prescription you issued out to a particular patient and even wondered if the patient has been given? If so then here is your solution.
Smart Hospital is here to solve all that for you. This is an internet based Management App designed to give you total control and improves your access. The App will give you but not limited to:

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• Manage patient’s entire cycle at the Hospital from point of entry to exit.
• Allows management to know and monitor all activities going on in the facility
• Generate analytics to ensure smooth running of hospital or clinic.
• Track all your inventory of the pharmacy, stores, laboratory supplies and more
• Allow patients to access their history and can access them anywhere

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